A Series of Unfortunate Events #2: The Reptile Room

Author: Lemony Snicket
190 Pages
Published in the U.K by Egmont Children’s Book Ltd. (2001)

After the unlucky events related to Count Olaf (refer to Book 1 in this series), the Baudelaire orphans – Violet, Klaus and Sunny – were sent to live with another distant relative of theirs named Dr Montgomery.

Dr Montgomery, a herpetologist, was a nice man. He let the kids call him Uncle Monty and he took good care of them. He frequently travelled to collect specimens of snakes and other reptiles. In his upcoming trip to Peru, Monty planned to bring the kids along.

Not long after that, Monty introduced his new assistant Stephano. As the kids are always in for an unlucky life, it turned out that Stephano was really Count Olaf in disguise, and the kids recognized him immediately. Count Olaf threatened the kids to shut their mouths regarding his true identity.

A few days after Count Olaf’s return into their lives, Monty was found dead in his Reptile Room, where he kept his live snake specimens. Stephano a.k.a. Count Olaf insisted that Monty died from a snakebite, and he summoned a Dr Lucafont to confirm that. Dr Lucafont confirmed that Monty was killed by a certain snake.

But it was not long before the children discovered that Monty’s death was planned by Count Olaf. The snake in which Dr Lucafont said had killed Monty, usually strangled its prey before it bites. But there had been no signs of Monty being strangled before he died. Then Violet found a syringe and a bottle of snake venom inside Count Olaf’s baggage; the venom was certainly injected into Monty to kill him.

The children confronted Count Olaf, and Mr Poe happened to came by during the confrontation. Mr Poe was determined to arrest Count Olaf. Dr Lucafont quickly offered to turn Count Olaf to the police, and Mr Poe agreed. Then only they realized that Dr Lucafont was Count Olaf’s accomplice in disguise as a doctor. And so, Count Olaf escaped police arrest for the second time, and the children were left with no guardians yet again.


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