Dare To Change: Inspirational Comic by Billi P. S. Lim

Dare to Change: Inspirational Comic by Billi P. S. Lim

144 Pages

Published by Hardknocks Factory Sdn. Bhd. (2007)

I finished reading the book in about 30 minutes. As the title suggests, it is an inspirational comic, so there are a lot of illustrations / cartoons to help with the reading. Here are some helpful words of advice for readers:

Most people in the world are scared of change. And this can be attributed to the fact that change always involve pain. We therefore resist change because it means that a part of our old self must die, and that an unknown new self will be born.

No doubt, there will always be this pain of change but the good news is, the pain of the change will be forgotten once the benefits have been realized.

Change is to give up what we are now to become what we could be.

Every single moment we are never the same. The ‘you’ yesterday and the ‘you’ today is never the same.

If you can’t put your past behind you, you will not be able to have a future ahead of you.

When you want what you never had, you must do what you have never done!

If you keep driving on the same road you will end up at the same place.

In every crisis, big fortunes are made.

“Those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future” – John Kennedy

“This too shall also change” – When I am in the possession of a lot of money, I remain humble because I know this will also change. When I’ve lost my money, I remain calm because I know this will also change.

“Failure is nothing more than an unseen hand that halted us in our normal path and with great wisdom, forces us to redirect our effort along more advantageous pathways.”

Many products were discovered by mistake – Penicillin, rubber, Belgium endive, photography, X-ray, the telescope, Viagra... there is often a silver lining within every failure cloud.

“Failure is at the far end of the success journey – if you can delay gratification, sooner or later you will reach success.”


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