Her by Laura Zigman


By Laura Zigman

283 Pages

Published by Arrow Books (2003)

Elise's fiancé Donald was previously engaged to another woman, and that one particular past was most disturbing for Elise. When Donald broke up with his ex Adrienne, she had let Donald kept her dog Lucy. Until now, Donald and Adrienne still keep in touch with each other to share updates about Lucy.

When Elise first learnt about Adrienne's existence, Elise became so obsessed to uncover more about Donald's past relationship with Adrienne. Elise felt insecure when she learnt that Adrienne was prettier, taller, and had a higher-paying job than her. Elise’s insecurity mounted when Adrienne announced that she’s moving near the house where Elise and Donald were staying together. In Elise’s eyes, Adrienne was trying to revive her relationship with Donald.

Despite assurances from Donald that Adrienne was nothing to him now - he was about to marry Elise anyway - Elise was not convinced. Even after Donald returned Lucy to Adrienne, Elise was still unsatisfied because they were still sharing the dog.

Eventually Elise resorted to spying on Donald and Adrienne to see whether they had any plans to get back together. One day, Elise caught Donald visiting Adrienne; and it happened several times. Elise was convinced that Donald and Adrienne had an affair; because Donald had never mentioned the visits to Elise.

When Elise confronted Donald, he was very upset to know that Elise had not trusted him despite his assurances that Elise is the one he loved right now. Then Donald revealed the truth: he paid the frequent visits to Adrienne’s place to see Lucy who had been very sick and dying. Donald had not been telling Elise about it because he knew Elise would feel even more insecure, in addition to harbouring feelings of jealousy towards both Adrienne and Lucy.

In the end, Lucy died, and Donald and Adrienne barely kept in touch with each other anymore. The link between Adrienne and Donald – that was Lucy – was gone forever. Later on, Adrienne moved to another place and Elise finally married Donald.


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