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Fool For Love by Eloisa James

Fool For Love By Eloisa James 358 pages Published by Piatkus (2013) After the passing of his father and his stepmother, London bachelor Simon Darby took over raising his two stepsisters Josie and Anabel. Josie was about five years of age while Anabel was still a baby. Due to the very large gap between his and his stepsisters’ ages, it was easy for a complete stranger to assume that Josie and Anabel were Simon’s daughters. That was in fact what Henrietta Maclellan had in mind when she first met them. It all began when Simon went to visit his Aunt Esme in the countryside, Wiltshire, with Josie and Anabel in tow. Henrietta, the countryside lass who loved children very much, saw how little Simon knew about child-rearing and initially thought that he was such a neglectful parent. Henrietta herself was unmarried despite her age. Her mother had died giving birth to her, and it was believed that the cause of her mother’s death was due to a deformity at her hips. As Henrietta grew, her late fat