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The Foundation (Graphic Novel)

The Foundation Created by Kody Chamberlain Written by John Rozum / Art by Chee 124 pages Published by Boom! Studios (July 2008) The Foundation is a global secret organization responsible for interpreting Nostradamus’ prophecies and then covertly working out their best to prevent the prophecies from taking place for real. Steve Valentine was one of the organization’s best and most seasoned field agents, but he felt that the job had slowly destroyed his soul. He was planning to leave the organization soon. On his most recent assignment, The Foundation was to prevent one man from boarding Flight 157, which had been destined to crash. Based on the interpretation of Nostradamus’ prophecy, Flight 157 will meet its doom on that certain day, but one man should be saved because he was destined to become a great man serving the society in the future. Steve and his team planned an incident that made the man missed his flight on the doomed plane. Flight 157 was the final straw for Steve. He though

Words of Silk by Sandra Brown

Words of Silk By Sandra Brown 210 pages Published by Warner Books (2005 printing) Laney McLeod got a fright when she was stuck in a dark elevator in Manhattan during a power shortage. Even though the elevator continued to function a few minutes later, Laney did not recover immediately. She was completely traumatized; so the handsome stranger who was stuck with her inside the elevator, Deke Sargent, brought her to his apartment to help her recover from the shock. Deke gave Laney some brandy to settle her nerves, but soon she was too intoxicated to think. Combine that with the jitters she still got from the elevator fright, Laney was completely tipsy. Half conscious, she seduced Deke and they made love without even really knowing each other. The next morning, horrified with what had happened, Laney escaped from Deke’s apartment without him noticing. Laney did not live in Manhattan; she was just there visiting friends. Initially Laney thought she was safe and will leave behind that incide

Wild Wind In The Heather by Valentina Luellen

Wild Wind in the Heather By Valentina Luellen 223 pages Published by Mills & Boon London Limited (1983) Wild Wind in the Heather was set in 18th century Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellion (which ended with the disastrous Battle of Culloden). Combine that with the infamous feud between the clans Campbell and MacDonald, and you get one of the most tragic and heart-wrenching love story I ever read (to date). It was over 50 years after the infamous massacre of the MacDonalds by the Campbells in Glen Coe, but the scar remained between the two clans – they continued to hate and harbour suspicions towards each other. Catriona Campbell was raised in an atmosphere of hatred towards the MacDonalds, and she was so afraid if she ever meet one of them while out riding. One day, an injured MacDonald girl was found by her brother James and his men not far away from their territory. Catriona insisted that James brought the girl home so that her wound could be tended to. James had always loved