Words of Silk by Sandra Brown

Words of Silk

By Sandra Brown

210 pages

Published by Warner Books (2005 printing)

Laney McLeod got a fright when she was stuck in a dark elevator in Manhattan during a power shortage. Even though the elevator continued to function a few minutes later, Laney did not recover immediately. She was completely traumatized; so the handsome stranger who was stuck with her inside the elevator, Deke Sargent, brought her to his apartment to help her recover from the shock.

Deke gave Laney some brandy to settle her nerves, but soon she was too intoxicated to think. Combine that with the jitters she still got from the elevator fright, Laney was completely tipsy. Half conscious, she seduced Deke and they made love without even really knowing each other.

The next morning, horrified with what had happened, Laney escaped from Deke’s apartment without him noticing. Laney did not live in Manhattan; she was just there visiting friends. Initially Laney thought she was safe and will leave behind that incident: Deke did not really know her, where she lived, and most important of all, her doctor had been telling her that she is barren and will never get pregnant.

Laney was relieved, but for only a short while. About two months later, she found herself pregnant with Deke’s child. She was terrified at first, but then she decided she wanted the baby. Laney was contented to continue with the pregnancy and love the baby with all her heart – even without a husband by her side.


Six months into her pregnancy, another shock came upon Laney. Deke Sargent arrived at her doorstep, announcing that he will move in with her. He also made clear that he wanted to marry her and he wanted the baby too. Ever since that fateful night, Deke knew he wanted Laney and he was devastated that she had ran away in the morning. As he was an attorney with an extensive network of contacts, he had been able to track Laney’s location. And finding Laney with a baby – his baby – only added to his desire to have her in his life. He took a break from his job in order to find Laney.

Meanwhile, Laney went through a lot of emotional roller-coaster ever since Deke’s arrival. At one time she could not resist Deke, but another time she just wished Deke would just leave her alone. She refused to marry him and had attempted to throw him out of her house several times – all to no avail. Deke was adamant and very sure that he wanted her no matter what it takes.

Months went by and Laney slowly began to scrutinize what was actually causing her stubborn rejection of Deke. She finally discovered that her trauma could be traced back to her younger days, when she observed her mother raising her as a single parent. Of course, Laney’s mother had taken good care of her, but there had been a lack of affection on her mother’s part. Laney never really understood love because her own mother had maintained an almost impersonal relationship with her. And now as an adult, Laney had a hard time accepting love and to trust a man in her life. She believed that she could raise her baby on her own.

However, one day Laney realized that her mother had not showered her with affection because she herself received no love from her partner, that is, Laney’s father. She had no love to give because she received no love. Realizing this, Laney thought that she would also be unfair to her baby if she turned out to be like her mother.

Finally Laney decided to marry Deke and accept his love – and it turns out to be the best thing to do. She is now happily married to Deke with a twin baby to raise together on a household full of love.


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