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Tales of the Frog Princess #6: The Dragon Princess

Tales of the Frog Princess #6 The Dragon Princess By E.D. Baker 218 pages Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books (2015) Millie is a beautiful 15-year old princess, but she will turn into a fire-breathing dragon whenever she was upset or angry. Millie’s mother Princess Emma is a witch who had the power to turn herself into a dragon whenever she wanted. And when she became pregnant with Millie, Emma just loved to transform into a dragon so much that it had had a side effect on the baby she was carrying: Millie was born a human with dragon magic. People were frightened when Millie turned into a dragon, although she had not been violent enough to hurt anyone so far. Even castle staffs who had been working with her family for years ran away when Millie transformed into the dragon. As Millie grew older she found her condition exasperating as it had frightened away several princes who came to court her. She wondered how she could ever find a life partner if she kept driving those potential

Night's Pleasure by Amanda Ashley

Night’s Pleasure By Amanda Ashley 355 pages Published by Zebra Books (Kensington Publishing Corp.) (2009) I just don’t quite understand the human-vampire romance (I have never read the Twilight saga and the likes), and I was also poorly equipped on my knowledge about vampires. My first ever read on paranormal romance novel featured a vampire who was sexually attracted to his human quarry just like a human male. So when the vampire in Night’s Pleasure seemed to be lusting more for the blood of his love interest rather than her sexual favours, I was stunned to confusion. Nevertheless I continued reading and trying my best to understand how a vampire’s love life (if there is such a thing) is supposed to be. Savanah Gentry was a reporter at a local newspaper where her father William was editor-in-chief. When she was a little girl, her father had brought her to see a magic show performed by a man with the stage name of Remarkable Renaldo, and she had been fascinated. The man was able to p

Puteri Karla oleh Julia Esqa

Puteri Karla Oleh Julia Esqa 452 halaman Diterbitkan oleh Fajar Pakeer Sdn. Bhd. (2011) Perasaan aku bagaikan ‘roller-coaster’ ketika membaca novel ini. Ramai watak dalam novel Puteri Karla mempunyai hati yang mudah berbolak-balik sehingga aku sebagai pembaca pun berbolak-balik hati mengenai penilaian aku terhadap perwatakan mereka. Ada yang aku kurang suka personaliti dia tetapi lama-kelamaan agak menarik hati. Namun disebabkan tindak-tanduk mereka yang ‘ slack ’ di peringkat awal-awal novel ini maka aku tak dapat membawa hati ini untuk menyukai watak tersebut. Watak yang aku agak senangi sedari awal kisah pula, mula ‘buat hal’ selepas dua pertiga cerita. Akhirnya aku ambil keputusan untuk menjadi ' emotionally distant ' terhadap kesemua watak novel ini. Plot novel ini sebenarnya sangat menarik kerana lari daripada plot kebiasaan kebanyakan novel-novel Melayu. Bagaimanapun ketiadaan watak yang membuat aku jatuh hati maka aku kurang ‘ enjoy ’ pembacaannya. Malah kalau ditanya

Fairy Secrets by Gwyneth Rees

Fairy Secrets By Gwyneth Rees 204 pages Published by Macmillan Children’s Books (2008) Nine-year-old Ellie went to visit her Aunt Megan who lived in a small village in South Wales and received the shock of her life when she saw some fairies fluttering about. Aunt Megan did not believe in fairies and she could not see them, but she did admit that a lot of folks in the village do believe in them and claimed that fairies do exist. As it goes, only those who believe in them will be able to see fairies. Afterwards, Ellie was more careful before making any mention of fairies to her aunt. During her stay, Aunt Megan had brought Ellie to visit a toy museum in the village. Apparently, the decades-old museum – owned by a Mr Daniels who inherited from his father – was struggling to continue its operations as visitors had dwindled over the years. A man from London had offered to buy the museum building for a development project, but Mr Daniels was having second thoughts about the proposal. Althoug

Aunt Lucy’s Lover by Miranda Lee

Aunt Lucy’s Lover By Miranda Lee 189 pages Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited (1996) Jessica had always thought that she had no more relatives left after her mother Joanne died of alcoholism. Jessica was the only child, and when her parents had divorced, the family on her father’s side had practically disowned them. On her mother’s side, Joanne had always told her that she had been a foundling and had nobody to call a family. Jessica believed what her late mother had told her, until one day an elderly lady came to the Sydney hotel she worked in and claimed to be her Aunt Lucy, her mother’s older sister. Aunt Lucy apparently had something to tell Jessica, but as soon as she took one look at Jessica, Aunt Lucy seemed startled, disturbed and finally left as abruptly as she had arrived. Jessica tried to trace Aunt Lucy since but to no avail. Only a month later, Jessica was contacted by a solicitor who informed her that Aunt Lucy had passed from cancer and had left all her poss