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Marriage On The Edge by Sandra Marton

Marriage on the Edge By Sandra Marton 184 pages Published by Harlequin Enterprises Limited (1999) This novel illustrates – very clearly – what could happen to a decade-old marriage if one does not talk heart-to-heart with one’s spouse about things that are important and matters most in one’s marriage. Gage Baron was married to Natalie for ten years, but for the past several years their marriage seemed about to fall apart. Their relationship appeared to have taken a downward turn when Gage became too busy with his hotel business and Natalie felt sidelined. Natalie felt she was not needed in Gage’s life; all these while she could feel she was just purely ornamental and Gage only came to her for sex and nothing more. When Natalie eventually requested for a divorce, Gage was shocked although the decision was not unexpected. He had also noticed something wrong about their marriage before, but he had not thought about getting divorced. In fact, Gage loved Natalie so dearly that he found it d

The Olympic Conspiracy by Katherine Roberts

The Olympic Conspiracy By Katherine Roberts 293 pages Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books (2004) In conjunction with the Olympic Games currently taking place in Tokyo, it’s just befitting that I read this novel revolving around the Games – which was set in ancient Greece during the time of reign of Alexander the Great. This book is not one fun-filled magical adventure though, as I had initially thought it to be. Little did I suspect that this story about teenaged boys chasing their dreams of an Olympic victory could take a turn so disturbing and dark, and that there were to be tragedies and deaths, and a lot of evil, evil sorcery. This book – which I personally considered a fantasy-thriller – is also full of information about ancient Greek beliefs as well as Olympics rituals that were conducted at the time. Fifteen-year-old Theron of Macedonia was determined to become an athlete and compete in the Olympics. Unfortunately, his foot was hurt by a stray javelin one day and his pr

Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder by Jo Nesbø

Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder By Jo Nesbø 265 pages Published by Simon & Schuster (2010) If you are looking for a logical or realistic story – this book is certainly not for you. Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder features extremely powerful farts that could launch people into the sky, a boy who is small enough to be flushed down the toilet, a teenaged girl who is indifferent about her 10-year-old brother being held in prison, and much more wacky stuff! However, beneath all those madness the story is not void of substance as it also highlights issues such as school bullies and discrimination, among others. Nilly was a diminutive 10-year-old boy who had just moved to Oslo, Norway. Despite his size, and the fact that he had been bullied and called ‘Silly Nilly’ all his life, he was actually far from silly. He was quick-witted, had the nerves of steel and very eloquent in his conversations. On his first day, he had already made the acquaintance of his neighbours Lisa, who turned out to be hi