Geronimo Stilton #26: The Mummy With No Name

Geronimo Stilton #26: The Mummy With No Name

111 pages

English version published by Scholastic Inc. (2006)

Geronimo Stilton had been summoned by his dear friend Professor Cyril B. Sandsnout to help on a mysterious occurrence at the Egyptian Mouseum.

In the previous week, Professor Sandsnout had brought out a golden sarcophagus and put it on display at the museum. Professor Sandsnout named the unidentified mummy inside the sarcophagus “The Mummy With No Name”: the papyrus parchment he found inside the sarcophagus told him that the mummy was the body of an Egyptian pharaoh, but the parchment was torn halfway and so the pharaoh was unidentifiable.

The parchment, written in hieroglyphs, also mentioned about the pharaoh’s “greatest treasure”, but the part about the treasure had been torn in half. The missing half of the parchment – which contained information on who the pharaoh was, and what (or where) his greatest treasure was – was only one of Professor Sandsnout’s troubles.

The other problem which made Professor Sandsnout send for Geronimo was the mummy inside the sarcophagus itself, which apparently had been scaring away visitors to the museum. The mummy apparently had gotten out of its sarcophagus, all musty and dusty, and lashing out threats for people to stay away from the museum “or be sorry”. And then the mummy would disappear from sight. The museum was now void of visitors.

Professor Sandsnout then invited Geronimo (who was accompanied by his nephew Benjamin and the latter’s friend Bugsy) to explore the museum’s basement where the golden sarcophagus had been stored for some time before being put on display.

At the museum basement, they found a trapdoor that led to a hidden chamber and climbed into it. As soon as they were inside the chamber, someone slammed the trapdoor shut and all four of them were trapped!

Fortunately, thanks to Geronimo’s quick thinking, they managed to work together to push open the trapdoor again. Benjamin and Bugsy then went after the perpetrator, managing to get a hold on her feet. They discovered that the person was the cunning thief called the Shadow, who was very clever in her disguises. And it was the Shadow who had been pretending to be The Mummy With No Name and scaring people away!

Apparently, the Shadow wanted to search for the treasure mentioned in the ancient manuscript found inside the golden sarcophagus. But now that she had been uncovered by Professor Sandsnout and his team of three other mice, the Shadow escaped the museum empty-handed.

Benjamin and Bugsy saved the day even more when they found the other half of the torn parchments while searching the basement. Professor Sandsnout immediately put together the two parchments and interpreted the hieroglyphic message in it: it turned out that the golden sarcophagus – and The Mummy With No Name – belonged to the Pharaoh Akhenraten, and his “greatest treasure” was actually his beloved wife Neferati!

In the parchment, the Pharaoh Akhenraten expressed his deepest wish that when he died, he wanted to be buried by the side of Neferati. As Neferati’s sarcophagus and mummy had been placed at the Cairo Mouseum, Professor Sandsnout then transferred Akheraten’s sarcophagus and mummy back to Egypt where he belonged. The Pharaoh’s wishes were finally fulfilled when he was finally reunited with his beloved wife and were displayed side by side at the Cairo Mouseum.


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