Creepella Von Cacklefur #1: The Thirteen Ghosts

Creepella Von Cacklefur #1: The Thirteen Ghosts

113 pages

English version published by Scholastic Inc. (2011)

This is the first book in a series of Geronimo Stilton books which features Creepella Von Cacklefur as the main character.

Creepella was looking for an inspiration to write a spooky story for The Shivery News, so her Grandpa Frankenstein suggested she head to Squeakspeare Mansion, which was said to be haunted. There she met Billy Squeakspeare, who was sitting at the front lawn with all his belongings.

Billy was a famous novelist who wrote bestselling love stories, and he was just about to move into Squeakspeare Mansion when he inherited it recently. Unfortunately, as soon as he tried to enter the mansion, he was thrown out of the house by a strong, invisible force. Being a scaredy-mouse, Billy just sat in the garden, not knowing what to do. Until Creepella arrived.

Creepella, who was the pushy sort, forced Billy to unlock the door and enter the house, where they will then explore together. As expected, the mansion was creepy and really, haunted. They went through hallways where Billy felt he was being watched. They heard the screeching sound of a violin somewhere inside the mansion. They also found a room with dizzying illusions. Billy fainted several times from the shocks he got out of exploring the rooms in the mansion.

Eventually, Creepella and Billy found the ghosts sitting around a table – there were twelve of them together. The ghosts were workers at the mansion from a bygone era: there was the butler, the cook, the gardener, the housekeeper, and the dog, amongst others.

The ghosts resented Creepella and Billy’s arrival, and wanted to throw them out again, until they realized that Billy was a writer. The ghosts were ecstatic to finally found a writer in the house again after a century. The ghosts wanted someone to write about the secrets and mysteries of Squeakspeare Mansion, and Billy was a godsend.

The ghosts agreed that Billy would be allowed to stay at the mansion in peace as long as he agreed to write down the stories of Squeakspeare Mansion. Billy eventually agreed. Then the twelve ghosts suggested Billy meet the thirteenth ghost, who, apparently was the mansion’s [previous] owner.

When Billy found the thirteenth ghost, he was pleased when he discovered that the ghost was actually his great-great-great-uncle William Squeakspeare!

Creepella finally got her scoop for The Shivery News after interviewing William Squeakspeare. And Billy had no more qualms about moving into the haunted Squeakspeare Mansion. Billy finally settled down, but he still had some problems to get used to: his ghostly housemates were all active during the night, so Billy had some difficulty falling asleep when the house was abuzz with [ghostly] activities!


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