Creepella Von Cacklefur #2: Meet Me In Horrorwood

Creepella Von Cacklefur #2: Meet Me In Horrorwood

113 pages

English version published by Scholastic Inc. (2011)

There was a monster in the moat of Cacklefur Castle – named Gorgo – and he was considered family by the Cacklefurs. They fed him everyday and were concerned of his welfare.

One day, Gorgo suddenly refused to eat anything and was always belching out sorrowful sounds from the moat. The Cacklefurs immediately held a family meeting to discuss what had befallen Gorgo and ways to help him.

It turned out that Gorgo was actually lovesick: he was in love with a female monster named Blobbina! To make it worse, Blobbina was a movie star in Horrorwood, and Gorgo was a shy monster.

So Creepella decided to help Gorgo. She wrote a love letter for Blobbina on behalf of Gorgo. But alas! When she arrived at Horrorwood Studios to send the letter to Blobbina, she learnt that the she-monster had disappeared mysteriously! Blobbina had not even showed up on set where she was supposed to star in.

With the help from her friend Billy Squeakspeare and clues from the enigmatic monster expert Mr. M, Creepella managed to trace down Blobbina’s whereabouts to Nightmare Park, an abandoned theme park which had been closed down for some time.

Blobbina had been locked in a casket by a Doctor Inkubus, who had been the caretaker of Nightmare Park during its heydays. Doctor Inkubus had wished to reopen the theme park and bring it back to its former glory. So he kidnapped Blobbina and planned to force her to be the main attraction of the new park.

Creepella and Billy quickly released Blobbina from her prison and helped her escape Doctor Inkubus’ clutches. Blobbina was then brought to Cacklefur Castle, and the two love struck monsters were united - and were soon to marry. Gorgo and Blobbina were really meant for each other because they were the only known monsters of that kind in the world.


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