Creepella Von Cacklefur #3: Ghost Pirate Treasure

Creepella Von Cacklefur #3: Ghost Pirate Treasure

110 pages

English translation published by Scholastic Inc. (2012)

Billy Squeakspeare woke up one day to find the grounds around Squeakspeare Mansion had been dug up haphazardly, and was now full of holes. Billy consulted the ghost of his great-great-great-uncle William Squeakspeare about it, but the latter simply dismissed it as someone who was “looking for the treasure”.

Apparently, about 400 years ago, legendary pirate Morgan Blackwhiskers was on friendly terms with Billy’s great-great-great-grandmother Lady Squeakspeare, who had bestowed kindness on him. In return, the pirate gifted Lady Squeakspeare with some kind of treasure, but nobody had found any trace of the treasure. Nobody even know what kind of treasure was being left by Blackwhiskers.

Billy then sought the help of Creepella to find out more about the treasure, as well as to unmask the party digging the holes around his home. On Creepella’s suggestion, together they went to the Shivery Arts Academy to get more information from Professor Dubloon and Professor Cleverpaws who taught at the academy.

Professor Dubloon was a pirate expert, and he supplied more information on Morgan Blackwhiskers to Billy and Creepella. Long ago, Blackwhiskers had presented Lady Squeakspeare a treasure which he had obtained from one of his piratical raids. Creepella had thought that it was Blackwhiskers’ ghost who was digging at Squeakspeare Mansion, but Professor Dubloon disagreed. According to legend, Blackwhiskers’ ghost would only appear once the treasure was found. The problem was nobody knows where the treasure was, or even what it was.

Meanwhile, Professor Cleverpaws examined the pattern of holes being dug at Squeakspeare Mansion to determine who the perpetrator might be. To their surprise, the holes were believed to be dug by Ziggy, the Rattenbaum family’s pet milipede!

The Rattenbaums was supposed to be a noble family but they had gone into decline and was currently in a very poor state. Shamley Rattenbaum had ordered his triplet granddaughters Tilly, Milly and Lilly to find Blackwhiskers’ treasure so they could get richer. Unfortunately, the riches were not meant for them when Billy and Creepella caught the triplets trying to resume their treasure search. The triplets then retreated in shame.

Soon afterwards, Billy and Creepella started their own search for the treasure. While searching, Billy accidentally fell into an old fountain in his garden and uncovered an old treasure chest under the murky waters. It was Morgan Blackwhiskers’ treasure!

The treasure chest was full of gold coins, and also a letter from Blackwhiskers telling that the treasure was meant for Lady Squeakspeare, or, in case it was found later – it may be inherited by any Squeakspeare descendent. Thus the treasure was rightfully Billy’s.

However, as the coins had all been looted by Blackwhiskers at the first place, Creepella insisted that all the money should be donated to charity as a way of giving them back to the people. Billy had to agree with Creepella.

Later that night, the ghost of Morgan Blackwhiskers appeared – just like what the legend had always say. And Blackwhiskers was very pleased to know that his treasure had been entrusted to a Squeakspeare.


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