Creepella Von Cacklefur #4: Return Of The Vampire

Creepella Von Cacklefur #4: Return Of The Vampire

113 pages

English translation published by Scholastic Inc. (2012)

One night, Franco Fangley the Vampire showed up at Cacklefur Castle to seek help from the Cacklefur family. Franco was a tomato-juice-drinking vampire, and was thus practically harmless. He was friends with Creepella’s Grandpa Frankenstein, and now he really needed his friend’s help.

Recently, there had been strange happenings at Franco’s mountaintop home, Castle Marinara. Franco had been pranked by unknown entities at his own home, and more recently he had also been hearing strange noises and seeing weird shadows on the castle walls. The ghostly happenings had scared Franco and he had thought of moving out of Castle Marinara if the disturbances continued.

Immediately, Grandpa Frankenstein and Creepella got ready to head for Castle Marinara to help Franco. They were also joined by Creepella’s niece Shivereen, Creepella’s pet bat Bitewing, and a reluctant Billy Squeakspeare – who had been taken from his home to join the party!

As soon as they arrived, Creepella and her team of investigators began to search Castle Marinara for clues. They found several oddities such as paw prints, a movie projector, and an old sheet. Grandpa Frankenstein began to suspect that the strange occurrences at Castle Marinara were not made by ghosts at all.

When they reached the highest tower at Castle Marinara, they saw several trucks and construction vehicles being parked in a clearing in the woods surrounding the castle. They used a binoculars to identify the name of the company doing the construction and discovered it was a Stan Shadyfur.

The name Stan Shadyfur was familiar to both the Cacklefurs and Billy. Last year, Stan Shadyfur had tried to take over Cacklefur Castle to turn it into a spa resort. Creepella’s father, Boris Von Cacklefur believed Stan was a dishonest mouse. Meanwhile, more recently, Billy had seen an advertisement about Stan Shadyfur’s latest development project: a mountaintop ski resort.

Creepella and her team instantly put two and two together and concluded that all the strange happenings at Castle Marinara were Stan Shadyfur’s doing to scare away Franco. If Franco leave Castle Marinara, Stan Shadyfur would want to take over the castle and turn it into his ski resort.

True to their assumption, they then found Stan Shadyfur disguising himself as a ghost (wearing the old sheet they had found) while trying to intimidate Franco into leaving the castle. Creepella whipped away the sheet and revealed Stan Shadyfur underneath. Stan was finally caught (although, he later escaped). But Franco was happy again and will continue to live at Castle Marinara after all.


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