Geronimo Stilton Heromice #5: The Invisible Thief

Geronimo Stilton Heromice #5: The Invisible Thief

115 pages

Published by Scholastic (2015)

In the Heromice series, Geronimo Stilton appears as Geronimo Superstilton, a supposed superhero who is awkward, clumsy and still learning about his powerful skills. His comrades include Swiftpaws, Lady Wonderwhiskers, Tess Technopaws, Electron and Proton.

In his latest case, Superstilton and his team had to deal with a diamond thief who was nicknamed the ‘Respectful Robbermouse’ because he left an apology note after each robbery. The note was not only an apology note but also include assurances that he was just borrowing and will return the diamonds soon. But the worst thing was that the Respectful Robbermouse was invisible! Superstilton immediately went into panic mode when he learnt about the Invisible Thief.

That very night, the Heromice were tasked to guard the Duchess Marilyn Mousekovia, a rich and famous rodent who would be attending a fancy reception at a hotel. The Duchess will be wearing her huge star-studded gemstone and they believed the Invisible Thief would target her during the event to get his hands on the enormous diamond.

Sure enough, Marilyn Mousekovia’s diamond was stolen right in front of Superstilton’s eyes! A commotion occurred at the reception hall and the Heromice unfortunately lost the thief. Luckily however, Tess Technopaws had created a special camera which is able to photograph invisible things. The camera had been installed, so they got to uncover what the Invisible Thief really looked like.

To the superhero team’s surprise, the invisible camera revealed the thief as Jack Griffmouse, a famous inventor and professor in the city! Then Tess recalled that she had not seen Griffmouse for quite some time; it could be that he had become invisible for some reasons. However, that still did not explain why Griffmouse would be robbing diamonds all over the city, as he is quite a nice mouse. To get their answer, Superstilton, Swiftpaws and Lady Wonderwhiskers decided to pay a visit to Griffmouse.

True enough, they found Griffmouse in his invisible state. And indeed, Griffmouse is a nice mouse: he had invented the Invisibility Machine, and had unfortunately turned himself invisible before one of the lenses on the machine broke. To return back to his normal state, Griffmouse had to find any material that would resemble the original lens – otherwise he would not be able to be visible again! And so Griffmouse decided that only the purest of diamonds could imitate the original lens which had been broken, thus his ‘borrowing’ of diamonds from all over the city.

Soon the Invisibility Machine was fixed and ready to use. But they were suddenly interrupted by the Sewer Rats, the crooks from the mouse underworld! Its leader, Tony Sludge was determined to get his hands on the Invisibility Machine by force. He was confident that with the machine, he could control the whole city and become most powerful.

And now the Heromice team had to face Tony Sludge and his band of henchmen! Superstilton, Swiftpaws and Lady Wonderwhiskers went into combat mode. But in the end, it was Superstilton’s powerful cheese ball attack that stopped Tony Sludge and his gang (Superstilton’s attacks can be activated through magic words such as “Big Bouncing Cheese Balls!” and “Soaking Swiss Cheese Milkshake!”).

Finally the Heromice succeeded in defending the Invisibility Machine. Griffmouse immediately transformed himself back into his visible self, and he soon returned all the diamonds he had taken from the jewellery stores as well as the one from Duchess Marilyn Mousekovia. In the end, Griffmouse decided that the machine was too dangerous to be used especially if it fell into the wrong hands. So he insisted that the machine be destroyed. Superstilton then destroyed the machine using the command “Fuming Fondue Fountain!”.


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